Jeffrey R. Gruen, MD Chairman - Advisory Board


Professor of Pediatrics, Genetics, and Investigative Medicine; Yale Child Health Research Center; Yale University School of Medicine

Dr. Gruen has been at Yale since his internship in pediatrics in 1981. Dr. Gruen formally joined the faculty at Yale in 1988, splitting his time as a neonatology attending in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Yale-New Haven Hospital and his lab. By 2000, the focus of his lab turned to mapping and identifying the reading disability (dyslexia) gene locus on chromosome 6 (DYX2). His lab was the first to generate high-resolution genetic markers, genetic association maps, and gene expression maps of DYX2. These studies led to the identification of DCDC2, a dyslexia gene that was cited by the journal Science as the 5th top breakthrough of 2005. The lab completed an NIH funded clinical study of DCDC2 and other genes related to reading and language in 14,000+ children and mothers, allowing for the identification of transcriptional control element called READ1, and READ1 alleles both detrimental and protective for reading disability and language impairment.  In addition to his research, Dr. Gruen continues practice neonatology at the Children’s Hospital at Yale-New Haven. He received his BS and his MD degrees from Tulane University in New Orleans.