Maureen W. Lovett, Ph.D., Child Psychology Member - Advisory Board


Senior Scientist In The Neurosciences And Mental Health Program At The Hospital For Sick Children, Professor Of Paediatrics At The University Of Toronto

Maureen W. Lovett is Founder and Director of the Hospital’s Learning Disabilities Research Program, a clinical research group that develops and evaluates intervention programs for children and youth who struggle to learn to read. She has contributed to learning disabilities research and practice for the past 35 years, and is known internationally for her research on intervention. She, her team, and her colleagues have created interventions for children and teens with severe reading disabilities, evaluated their efficacy in controlled designs, and scaled interventions up in school systems. This research has been funded by operating grants from NICHD (NIH) and the Institute for Education Sciences (IES, the US Department of Education), as well as by provincial and federal agencies in Canada. Dr. Lovett is the 2017 recipient of the Samuel T Orton award, the highest honor of the International Dyslexia Association recognizing those who make a vital contribution to the scientific understanding of dyslexia.

Dr. Lovett’s research includes a substantial knowledge translation effort. The research interventions developed by her group at SickKids are now available to help struggling readers in elementary, middle, and high schools in school boards across Canada. First published by The Hospital for Sick Children as EmpowerTM Reading in 2006, the group has trained and mentored >2200 teachers who have taught >31,000 children and youth in the first decade of translation efforts.